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at alphamab oncology, we have been discovering and developing an innovative portfolio of pipeline programs mainly driven by our proprietary technology platforms. in addition, our team has 10 years of proven in-house biologics development and manufacturing experience, and our strong biologics manufacturing capability with track record is another valuable asset at the company, as well as for our potential partners.

we are actively looking for partners with global or regional coverage and capabilities:

  • (1) in oncology therapeutic area for the development and commercialization in ex-china markets for: 

    a) kn035: pd-l1 single domain antibody, subcutaneous formulation

    b) kn046: pd-l1/ctla-4 bispecific antibody 

    c) kn026: her2 bispecific antibody

  • (2) in autoimmune diseases or organ transplantation therapeutic areas, for out licensing or divestment of:
    a) kn019: ctla-4 fusion protein, subcutaneous formulation for rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune diseases
    b) kn019: ctla-4 fusion protein, iv formulation for organ transplantation

  • (3) partnership with our proprietary bispecific and mix-mab platforms.

we are now open for

why us

alphamab oncology strives to work with the top capabilities in the world, and we believe that shared values, transparency and allowing for flexibility is a critical part of the success for a long-lasting partnership. the partnership-focused culture, win-win partnership mindset and simple/speedy approaches make us the partner of choice.

our partners

if you have an interest in one of these areas, please direct your inquiry to