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9966. hk - remain true to our original aspiration and start our next journey

december 13, 2019 19:46 eastern daylight time

we warmly celebrate that alphamab oncology’s successful listing in hong kong!

on december 12, 2019, alphamab oncology started its listing on the main board of hong kong stock exchange. it issued 179.4 million h shares at an issue price of hk $ 10.2 per share, with the stock code "9966.hk".

this day came after nearly eleven years since alphamab oncology’s founding in suzhou.

these eleven years of exploration and development are full of glory and dreams:

dr. ting xu, founder, chairman and ceo of the company, has contributed to more than 100 patents and patent applications since 2011;

the company has contributed to the cmc processes of 4 biosimilars blas out of a total of 11 biosimilars blas submitted in china since 2017;

the company has built world-class proprietary technology platforms, including sdab, crib and cram, and has developed a robust bispecific antibody pipeline with global competitiveness based on these platforms;

all drug candidates are in-house developed;

the first innovative pd-l1 / ctla-4 bispecific antibody is well positioned to become the major potential blockbuster drug for multiple cancers ...

alphamab oncology has many memorable moments, and this moment is especially remarkable. all these moments constitute a corporate story written for eleven years.

in 2008, dr. ting xu returned to china and founded alphamab oncology with the aspiration to build a world-class innovative biopharmaceutical company;

in 2010, the company completed process development of recombinant coagulation factor ⅷ and established the monoclonal antibody drug development platform;

in 2013, the company successfully completed initial validation of crib and cram, the two fc protein engineering platforms;

in 2015, the company topped the list of biosimilars released by thomson reuters with 28 biosimilar candidates. in the same year, kn035, the first single-domain antibody, completed pharmaceutical development; kn026, the first bispecific antibody, completed pharmaceutical development; jiangsu alphamab biopharmaceuticals co., ltd. was established and began to focus on the development and commercialization of innovative immuno-oncology drugs;

in the year of 2016 and 2017, kn035 successively received ind approvals in the united states, china, and japan; kn019 received china ind approval for kidney transplant rejection indication and severe rheumatoid arthritis indication; the new manufacturing and r&d site broke new grounds in suzhou industrial park;

in 2018, kn046, a pd-l1 / ctla-4 bispecific antibody independently developed by alphamab oncology, advanced into clinical development phase, and the company completed a series a financing of over us $ 120 million ...

everything seems to be going smoothly, but only those who have experienced the process would know that the real story is more legendary than what we imagined.

in the most difficult time when there was no investment, in order to survive, dr. ting xu reluctantly out-licensed the first drug candidate that he successfully developed; since then, in order to enable company to self-sufficient, dr. xu out-licensed most of his biosimilar drug candidates. but even in the face of survival or failure, dr. xu has not lost his confidence and consistently focused on innovation.

he often thinks independently, "what is the significance of the r&d that i am working on? what kind of unique problem can i solve?" then he becomes more determined, "i will use advanced global technological expertise to develop affordable high quality medicine for the chinese people. "

today, there are six bispecific antibodies among the eight drug candidates pipeline, and four products are in clinical studies for multiple indications in china, the united states, japan, and australia.

alphamab oncology focuses on immuno-oncology therapy as its core strategic direction. its comprehensive global clinical research and intellectual property rights strategy is well on track.

at the celebration dinner held on the listing day, dr. ting xu gave a brief speech. he expressed his heartfelt gratitude, and reaffirmed his determination: to build an innovative biopharmaceutical company with global competitiveness and to provide world-class biological medicines for patients worldwide. the company is committed to making cancer a controllable and curable disease, improving the patients’ quality of life, and contribute to a better world.

we remain true to our original aspiration, and carry on our mission. the sound of the gongs of the hong kong stock exchange is a triumphant song, and is also a song for our next journey. tomorrow, let us start our new journey to achieve an even brighter future.