ms. yang liu, vp of alphamab oncology, is elected as one of 2020 china 50 top women in tech by forbes-凯发88

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ms. yang liu, vp of alphamab oncology, is elected as one of 2020 china 50 top women in tech by forbes

june 26, 2020 09:43 eastern daylight time

june 23,2020 –forbes china published “2020 forbes china 50 top women in tech” to honor these accomplished women in china’s technology field. ms. yang liu, executive director and vice president of corporate operations of alphamab oncology, is amongst the list of such honorable women leaders.

according to forbes china, “top women in tech in mainland china” is dedicated to demonstrate the power of women in the field of science and technology, it is an non-ranked evaluation of the top 50 women in the field of technology. the list covers many innovation areas including multinational technology companies, local technology unicorns, institutional investors, and research institute from government. focusing exclusively on women leaders who participate in technology-centric companies or fields, this list aim to highlight these women's extraordinary achievement in the field of science and technology, and by the demonstrating female role model in the field of science and technology,  to highlight the technological innovation, sustainability and impact on the economic growth from the gender diversity.

this is the second time for forbes china to publish “top women in tech in mainland china”,2019 was the first time. and the outstanding women leaders included tu youyou, a nobel laureate and the chief scientist of the institute of traditional chinese medicine of the chinese academy of traditional chinese medical sciences.

in 2020, the epidemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (covid-19) suddenly emerged, science and technology has played an important role in this unprecedented battle. the “top 50 women in tech” this year highlighted the power of these women leaders in this battle. ms. liu yang was selected because of her outstanding management effectiveness and excellent corporate leadership in the post-epidemic era.

ms. yang liu has over 10 years of experience in the biotech industry in usa, mainly in the research and development of antibody drug conjugates designed to treat cancer. after joining alphamab oncology, ms. liu is responsible for corporate operations including human resources, supply chain, engineering, and information technology. she is also an executive director on the board.

about alphamab oncology

alphamab oncology is a biopharmaceutical company focusing on innovative biologics medicine in oncology. on december 12, 2019, the company was listed in the mainboard of hong kong stock exchange with stock code 9966.

alphamab has fully integrated proprietary biologics platforms in bi-specifics and protein engineering. its highly differentiated in-house pipeline consists of eight anti-cancer drug candidates, four of which have advanced into phase i – iii clinical development phases in china, us and japan.  

the company also has state-of-the-art manufacturing capability designed and built to meet nmpa and eu/fda’s cgmp standards. alphamab oncology is committed to further develop its robust pipeline in oncology/immunology to benefit patients around the world.

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